The Seven Words on the Cross by St. Robert Bellarmine – Free Catholic Audiobook

An examination of, and meditation upon, the seven sayings spoken by Jesus on the cross — aka “the seven last words” — as well as the associated total solar eclipse. Every saying is examined from different perspectives, each intended to make the reader think more deeply about Jesus’ life and death and feel the sayings’ applications to his own life. The writer also provides various suggestions for enriching one’s faith life and doing good.

St. Robert Bellarmine was a famous and controversial figure, deeply involved in the Counter-Reformation, apologetics, theological disputes, and the development of legal theory. After his retirement, he wrote several devotional books for normal people which became international bestsellers, including this book, The Mind’s Ascent to God, and The Art of Dying Well. He is counted a Doctor of the Church.


To download a free audio version of this book from Maria Lectrix audio, click on the link below:

Or if you prefer an online text instead, click here:

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