The Life of Saint Augustine by St. Possidius – Free Catholic Audiobook

This is a biography of St. Augustine by his frienstaugustined Possidius. Since the Confessions had been published long before, Possidius focuses on St. Augustine’s life after his mother’s death and his return to Africa.

St. Possidius was a member of St. Augustine’s monastic community. He was later made bishop of Calama, where he ended up involved in a court case with the Donatist bishop of Calama. He was beaten up and robbed by Circumcellions, and also had his house set on fire. After the Vandal invasion and Augustine’s death in 430, he was exiled in 437 by the Vandal king. In exile, he wrote this biography and a bibliography (indiculus) of St. Augustine’s works. He is said to have died in Mirandola, Italy.


To download a free audio version of this book from Maria Lectrix audio, click on the link below:

Or if you prefer an online text instead, click any of the links below:

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