The Divine Motherhood of Mary by Abbot Vonier – Free Catholic Audiobook

Using the teaching of St Thomas Aquinas, Abbot Vonier explains the majesty of the motherhood of God.  Learn about Mary’s personal sanctity before and after the incarnation, why she is Gods most powerful creature in the universe, how her womb became Heaven on earth, how Jesus Christ had two births and more in this friendly theological work.  This work will help aid your devotion to our Blessed Mother and provide you with apologetic information to defend her honor.

  1. Mary’s Personal Sanctity
  2. The Holy Thing That Shall Be Born of Mary
  3. The Blessed Fruit of Mary’s Womb
  4. Hope and Wonder in the Divine Maternity
  5. The Sweetness of the Divine Motherhood
  6. The Power of the Divine Motherhood.
  7. An invocation
Text Source

All of these readings are from the The Divine Motherhood by Abbot Vonier  published in 1920 and are in the public domain.


To download this free audio book from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on the links below:



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