The Sacrifice of the Mass by M. Gavin, S.J. – Free Catholic Audiobook

The earnest hope is entertained that this explanation of the Mass will help to a deeper appreciation of the greatest act of worship in the Church. It is impossible to have laboured for many years in London without painfully realizing that the Mass is neither known, nor understood, nor attended, nor loved as it deserves. Surely there are many Catholics who might with a little self-denial hear Mass, if not daily, at least some times in the week. If we inquire the reason from those who find time for other things and not for Mass, we shall probably learn that they do not understand what they lose. Mass is a closed book to them. The love, self-sacrifice, and humiliation of a Divine Person lies before them in the Eucharist; they have eyes and see not. With an intelligent grasp of the doctrine of the Mass they would discover a method of discharging every obligation of the creature to the Creator, and of procuring all they want from His gracious bounty. (From the introduction to the book)

Audiobook of an early twentieth century catechetical book explaining the doctrine, prayers, and rubrics of the Latin Rite Mass as promulgated at that time.



To download a free audio version of this book from Maria Lectrix Audio, use the link below:

For an online text, click the link below:


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