Devotions of St. Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury – Free Catholic Audiobook

St. Anselm’s prayers and meditations are to be read slowly, during times of peace. These devotions are intended to stir up within the reader the feelings of love and fear of God. When given honest consideration, they become a tool for self-examination. St. Anselm’s meditations focus on the redemption of mankind. His prayers praise God for His glory and thank the Holy Spirit for His blessing, but they also ask for the strength to love and forgive our enemies during times of weakness. St. Anselm was known for his wisdom, and his commitment as a spiritual guide is evident in the five letters of spiritual counsel included in this volume. These letters contain some of St. Anselm’s advice on life after death, religious conversion, sacred pilgrimage, and Godly influence in the throne. This volume of St. Anselm’s devotions also includes his Proslogion, a treatise concerning the existence of God in which he presents the Ontological argument. When broken into small segments, the Proslogion can be used for meditative purposes as well. (Emmalon Davis – CCEL Staff Writer)

To download a free audio version of this book from, use the link below:

For an online text, there are two versions linked below:


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