The Church Fathers for Lent Vol 5 – Free Catholic Audiobook

The fifth  volume of the Church Fathers for lent, for the fifth week of lent.  We need the guidance of the Holy Fathers of the Church more so than ever today, they were confronted with battling an immoral pagan world and Christians heavily influenced by Pagan ways and became Saints and spread the Kingdom of Heaven.

On This Disc:

  1. Preventing Gods Judgements by St. John Chrysostom.
  2. Christian Activity by St. John Chrysostom.
  3. The Yoke of Christ by St. Augustine
  4. The Long Suffering of God by St. John Chrysostom
  5. Thankfulness by St. John Chrysostom
  6. The Danger of Self Indulgence by St. John Chrysostom
  7. Patience by St. Cyprian


Text source:

All of these readings are from the Readings From the Fathers For Lent Selected From the Library of the Fathers published in 1852  are in the public domain.


To download this free audio book from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on the link below:



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