The Life of St. Patrick by Fr. William Morris – Free Catholic Audiobook

St. Patrick was Christs chosen servant to bring the Irish people out of the darkness of paganism and into the light of Christianity.  He was a mighty miracle worker, an apostle of Rome, a healer of lepers, a destroyer of idols, a scourge to evil men, a severe Ascetic,  he had the both the gifts of prophecy and of mystical prayer.  This book written by Father William Morris provides an overview of his entire life from the most reliable historical records and will leave the listener amazed at the mighty power of St. Patrick who perhaps was one of (perhaps even the most)  effective missionary in the history of the Church.    Come and Learn from his life how to be Apostle in the midst of a corrupted world, and take a step towards reclaiming St. Patrick’s day as a day of devotion and love for God, rather than a day of debauchery.


To download a free audio version of this book from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on any of the links below:

Or if you prefer an online text:


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