The Catechism in Examples: The Fruits of the Holy Ghost – Free Catholic Audiobook

Learn about the Fruits of the Holy Ghost (Charity, Joy, Chastity, etc) taken from the lives of the Saints, holy writings and parables.  The excerpts are taken from the Catechism in Examples which was a book that became widely popular over the entire English speaking Catholic world.  Although it was originally intended to instruct children it became the favorite reading of families, used by teaching orders, read by the Clergy and even had a copy of it ordered by Pope Leo XIII for the papal libraries (along with a special approbation and blessing).

  1. The Fruit of Charity
  2. The Fruit of Joy
  3. The Fruit of Peace
  4. The Fruit of Patience
  5. The Fruit of Benignity
  6. The Fruit of Longanimity
  7. The Fruit of Meekness
  8. The Fruit of Faith
  9. The Fruit of Modesty
  10. The Fruit of Constancy
  11. The Fruit of Chastity


Text source:

All of these readings are from the 4th Edition of The Catechism in Examples Vol 5 by Father Chisholm published in 1909 are in the public domain and have an impirmatur and nihil obstat .  Graphic is taken and modified from this image under a attribution license 


To download this free audio book from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on the links below:



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