St Bernard Homilies: For Christmas Eve and Christmas- Free Catholic Audio

St Bernard of Clairvaux is considered the last father of the Church and is called the Doctor Mellifluus, or the honey doctor,  because his Praise of Jesus Christ flowed like honey.

St Bernard instructs us on: The Left Hand and the Right Hand of our infant Lord.  How the pride are blind? The difference between the widom of the world and flesh versus what is peaceable and chaste.  How the infant Christ was the fountain of devotion spoken of by Isaiah.  How the Nativity is medicine from the Good Physician?  How those who are engaged in useful labor and employment are fit to be visited by angels.


Bernard, of Clairvaux, Saint. Sermons of St. Bernard on Advent and Christmas : including the famous treatise on the incarnation called “Missus est”. London: R.T. Washbourne, 1909.

To download this free audio file from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on the links below:

Or to listen on Soundcloud:


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