The Importance of Spiritual Reading – Father Faber – Free Catholic Audiobook

As a visitor of a Catholic audiobook website you probably already make spiritual reading/listening a part of your life (or wish to do so), but did you know how helpful it is to the salvation of the soul.  Father Faber, that great Catholic convert of England who wrote the famous hymn “Faith of our Fathers”, expounds on over 20 reasons why a taste of reading is helpful to the spiritual life and also how especially valuable reading the lives and writings of the Saints are helpful.  In this Audiobook you will learn:

  1. Why a taste for reading, of even works that are indirectly spiritual, helpful to the spiritual life.
  2. How grace works through reading the lives of the Saints.
  3. How helpful reading the instruction of the Saints is to our own daily living.
  4. Why the Saints are the best examples of wisdom and prudence.


Text source:

Sources: This audiobook uses a chapter from Spiritual Conferences of Father Faber and An Essay on the Beatification and Canonization of Saints  both works are in the Public domain.   The CD covers was designed with the following images from wikipedia commons and is used with an attribution license:


To download this free audio book from Alleluia Audiobooks, click on the links below:



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