By Saint Ambrose

By Saint Athanasius of Alexandria

By Saint Augustine of Hippo

By Saint Basil of Caesarea

By Saint Benedict

By Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

By Saint Clement of Alexandria

By Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

By St. Cyril of Alexandria

By Saint Ignatius of Antioch

By Saint Irenaeus of Lyons

By James Cardinal Gibbons

By Jean Joseph Gaume

By St. Jerome

By Saint John Chrysostom

By John Henry Cardinal Newman

By Rev. John H. Stapleton

By Saint Justin Martyr

By Fr. Francois-Xavier Gautrelet

By M. Gavin, S.J.

By Rev. Henry Grey Graham

By Saint Gregory the Great

By Saint Gregory of Nyssa

By Pope Benedict XV

By Pope Leo the Great

By Pope Leo XIII

By Pope Pius IX

By Pope St. Pius X

By Saint Methodius of Olympus


By Tertullian

By Saint Thomas Aquinas

By Saint Thomas More

By Saint Victorinus of Pettau

Father Chisholm

Father F.X. Schouppe

Father Faber

Father R. O’Kennedy

By Richard Challoner

Catholic Truth Society

2 Responses to Instructional

  1. Phil Chenevert says:

    I have recorded The Practice of the Presence of God by Brother Lawrence for LibriVox. You might consider adding the link here.

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